Our bike range

Custom built

We produce our own range of custom bikes made to order for each customer that we work with.  We’re proud of our bikes, and put our name on each one that rolls out the door of our workshop.

We work in partnership with you, getting to know you and your cycling style and using our expert knowledge to help you make the right choices for your new bike.  

Every customer receives a 1:1 consultation where we'll talk through your options, as well as taking some measurements from you.  You'll be able to pick your preferred bike from our range and choose between our core specification or a complete custom build.  

Whatever you decide we'll recommend the right frame size, gear ratios, stem length, bar width and crank length so your bike is tailored to your unique physiology.  

You'll also have the option of a custom paint finish to really make your bike your own.  

Before you know it, you’ll be riding away on your brand new VO2 bike; a bike as unique as you are!

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We want to make cycling a better experience. With a bike built around your needs, you will have improved comfort and better performance. From 10 mile Time Trials to Ironman or keeping fit our range of bikes have something to suit all road riders.