The VO2 difference

The VO2 difference

We're proud of our bikes, and put our name on every single one that rolls out the doors of our workshop.  But what makes us different is that we believe the process of buying a bike should be special too.  We treat every customer like a VIP and make sure that they leave with the bike of their dreams. 

Personal consultation

We know that buying a bike can be a significant investment.  We also recognise that every customer is different, and how important it is to buy a bike that fits you perfectly.   With this in mind we have developed our unique consultation process to help guide you through the process of buying your VO2 bike. 

During the consultation we’ll talk to you about your experience, goals and targets, as well as taking your measurements.  We’ll then use this information to advise you on the best combination of frame & components for you.  This means we build your bike to fit you, rather than trying to fit you to your bike.

No two bikes are the same

No two cyclists are the same, so why should your bike be just like everyone else’s?  Here at VO2 we tailor our bikes to their rider.  It doesn’t matter whether you buy from our standard range, or have chosen a custom build, your bike will still be built around you. 

We’ll personalise the little details to help you get the most from your bike. Everything from gear ratios to stem length will be perfectly matched to suit you. So every time you ride your VO2 bike, you’ll know that it’s something really special.

Deal direct

Buying from us means you’re buying your bike directly from the team who build it. We don’t list our bikes with retailers or online stores because we want to make sure every customer gets the right bike for them.   Without the middle man, we are able to to take the time to understand our customers and help them build their bike to reach their peak performance. 

We love our bikes

Everyone who works at VO2 Cycling is also a cyclist and with over 25 years in the industry we know what cyclists want from their bike.  Every bike we sell has been designed and built by the VO2 Cycling team.  We are passionate about our bikes and are proud of the in depth knowledge we have of our products. 

Bike Fit

We take great pride in our consultation process, with every bike being built around it’s rider. But our attention to detail doesn’t stop once you’ve ordered your bike.  When your bike is ready to collect, we offer a free bike fitting service.  We’ll use this to fine tune the fit, and make any final adjustments necessary to ensure a comfortable ride, every ride. 

If you can’t get to us in person, we’ll still set your bike up to fit the measurements taken during your consultation, so  all you need to do when your bike arrives is get out and ride! 

Safe and secure shipping

We know that not everyone will be able to visit our showroom, so we offer a safe and secure shipping option for all online purchases.  We’ll ship your bike ready to ride in a strong and reinforced bike box, which will protect your bike in transit. 

We ship our bikes using reliable courier service with tracked deliveries.  

Are you ready to build your dream bike? 

Thank you for making me such a great bike. Your expertise was invaluable and I am really happy and look forward to riding for a long time without feeling a constant need to upgrade to the latest model. As my bike is unique!

by Ben, V:PRO:CARBON owner